Herbertpur Christian Hospital (HCH) is a Society, registered under Uttarakhand Society Registration Act 1860 with having registration No 858 (80-81). The Herbertpur Christian Hospital Society is governed by its Members of Board and is part of EHA (Emmanuel Hospital Association), Head Office located in New Delhi. 

Emmanuel Hospital Association is an indigenous Christian Health and Development agency serving the people of North and North-East India. EHA treat more than 650,000 patients each year through network of 20 Hospitals that includes (Herbertpur Christian Hospital) spread across 14 states.

Hospital Christian Hospital is located along the route of Vikas Nagar Development Block at a distance of one and half kilometre from Post-Office Herbertpur, Dehradun District- Uttarakhand.

Since Last 79 years, hospital is meeting the health needs of poor & marginalised people of local area as well as neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal and Haryana. Our Hospital is consists of 120-beded health facilities, School of Nursing and Community Health and Development Unit.


In-patient Beds

120 Beds


236 staffs


12 Doctors


P.O. Herbertpur, District Dehradun,

Uttarakhand PIN 248 142 (INDIA)

Phone: +91 1360 250 260, Fax: +91 1360 250 891

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Bank detail for donation

FC Bank Account No.: 088601 0100000240

Bank Address: Punjab National Bank -Christian Hospital Herbertpur (Branch Code - 618800)


Name of Managing Director

Dr. Daniel Rajkumar

Name of Medical Director

Dr. Viju Thomas


Fellowship for transformation through Caring

We care through:
•Provision of appropriate health care
Empowering communities through health and development programs
Spiritual ministries
Leadership development

 We serve people and communities regardless of race, caste, creed or religion. We do this in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ so as to manifest Him through words and deed.

Our Core Values

  • D21We strive to be transformed people and fellowships.
  • Our model is servant leadership.
  • We value team work.
  • We exist for others especially the poor and marginalized.
  • We strive for the highest possible quality in all our services.


Beginning of Herbertpur Christian Hospital

1934 Dr. Geoffrey Lehmann a young British Missionary doctor, recently married, came to India with his wife, Monica (who was born in Nainital and grew up in Kanpur) and joined Kachhwa Christian Hospital, near Varanasi.

1936 with newly acquired Hindustani language and experience in tropical medicine, Dr. & Mrs. Lehmann were praying where
God would lead them. Their vision was to start a pioneer work where the Gospel would be preached along with medical mission work.

D22While praying over a railway map they discovered a place called “Herbertpur” even though it was 40 km from the nearest railway line. Convinced by the Holy Spirit, they visited Herbertpur in the Western Doon Valley and quickly concluded that this was the place God was calling them to, for pioneer mission. Herbertpur was reached by a 35 km dirt road, along the valley from the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. In the vicinity of Herbertpur there was not a single allopathic doctor. Only some Veds and Hakims practiced their traditional healing arts. Similarly the Gospel of Jesus Christ had not been preached.

1936 – 1938 The Lehmanns quickly got to work in a tea planter’s bungalow and held a clinic each morning on the verandah. At the same time Dr.Lehmann discovered a plot of land where three tea estates met. He bought the land and began to build what has become known for hundreds of kilometers around as “Lehmann Hospital”.

1938-1946 The passion of the Lehmanns was to serve the poor and marginalized and to see the Kingdom of God established in the Doon, the surrounding Districts and hill areas. Their concern was encapsulated in the Bible text they placed on the front of the hospital, from the Gospel of Luke, Ch 9 verse 2 “Preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick”.

The fame of the hospital grew even though Dr. Lehmann w as away serving in the Indian Army during World War II. Dr. Lehmann was concerned that so many patients with eye disease went untreated, so he qualified as an Ophthalmologist and began his well known program of Eye Camps as well as the eye program at the hospital. Along with the great numbers of eye patients seeking new sight, came those TB patients who often traveled many miles across the mountains from the villages of Tehri Garhwal and Uttarkashi.

1946-1973 As the Lehmanns got older they continually prayed for missionaries from the west to come and take up the work. The medical mission grew and treated more and more patients. Patients came from Delhi, Chandigarh and beyond especially for Ophthalmology, for TB treatment and maternity cases. Dr. Lehmann served for most of 40 years as the only doctor, in the 120 bedded hospital.

1973-to date – God had other plans, exciting plans. Emmanuel Hospital Association was formed as an Indian Medical Mission and the future of Herbertpur became secure. On 1st July 1973 Dr. Lehmann joyfully handed our “Lehmann Hospital” to EHA’s management and leadership.

His last request to his successors was “that no patient be turned away because they cannot afford the treatment and no patient should leave the hospital without hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ”.


The Medicine Department at Herbertpur Christian Hospital is a well established department catering to the ailments of patients coming from varied economic and geographical strata. Dr Silas is the head of the department.
Medicine department encounter and manage patients with various medical diseases, majority of which being- COPD, Infectious diseases, and Hypertensive and Diabetic complications. OPD is rush with an array of interesting cases like Hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis, muscular dystrophy, tubercular cardiac tamponade requiring drainage and autoimmune diseases like SLE and Crohn’s to name a few
With palliative care department also offer acute medical emergencies like myocardial infarction, snake bite, poisoning, diabetic and hypertensive emergencies, sepsis with MODS and patients requiring ventilator support were managed in ICU.


Department of Surgery
Surgery continues to be one of the busiest services. Community recognize it with high level of trust, providing affordable, ethical and appropriate surgical care. The team is composed of Dr Viju John, Dr Daniel Rajkumar and Dr Sonal Gardia with Dr Viju being a Paediatric Surge
on covering specialized paediatric surgeries.

The surgeries that we operate are of wide variety that included routine laparoscopic cholecystectomies, hernias, apendicectomies, perforations to basic plastic surgery procedures like skin graftings, deformity correction to urological procedures like cystolithoripsy, VIU, pyelolithomy etc.

Under Paediatric Surgery, herniotomies, anorectal malformation correction, hypospadias repair, meningocele excision, Hirschsprungs disease that also includes some complex cases like an esophageal replacement for stricture esophagus.

Emergency services continue to be busy with trauma, burns, abdominal pain like Acute pancreatitis and head injuries.


Department of Orthopaedics:
Dr Mathew Samuel is an Orthopaedic consultant who heads the department. The Orthopaedics OPD increases annually up to 11,500 patients and approx 900 patients’ gets operated from various condition. Doctors expertly hand handle all kinds of complex trauma, deformity corrections, Discectomies, Arthroscopic surgeries and Joint replacements.

The department co jointly works with Physiotherapy, Anugrah Learning Centre, Prosthetic and Orthotics Department for patient holistic care and rehabilitation.


Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Bhawana Gardia is the consultant and head O&G department. Providing safe maternal health care that is available readily, affordable and in ethical manner has always been one of the core practice that our team follow.

Round the clock the OPD runs busy with various gynaecological care and services. Apart from regular antenatal check up the attention is paid in handling normal and a-section deliveries, hysterectomy, tubectomy and vasectomy surgeries are perform with due counselling for the promotion of family planning and reproductive health rights among parents.


Department of Paediatrics

Dr. T.K Biswas is Senior Paediatric consultant and manages most paediatric problems even complex problems. For emergencies services hospital draws referral with P.G.I. Chandigarh. Department have Neonatal Intensive Care Unit through which sick children are managed intensively. Immunization program popularize well among locals communities.


Department of Dermatology
Dr. Molly Thomas is dermatologist and heads the department. It was found that a very large number of dermatological patients (90%), come to the hospital for their skin ailments often after having gone on a roller-coaster ride through the hands of ‘jhola chaps’/ quacks/”Bengali doctor” chemists/other traditional practitioners. Traditional remedies (Jadi booti) often exacerbate the conditions and the patient is fooled into believing that the worst is over. The exacerbation is considered to be the sign that the ‘root cause’ has been dealt with. Chemists and ‘bengali’ doctors freely prescribe potent topical steroids considering everything that itches, to be an “allergy” which leads to increased morbidity of common skin conditions in the community like fungal infections, scabies, acne, urticaria etc. There are lot of misconceptions in the minds of people, both regarding skin diseases as well as its treatment. Some of the facilities and services that we have in the Dermatology department to increase the patient awareness are excision or removal of small benign conditions likes warts, corns, moles etc which is being done by radio surgery. Cryosurgery is also available for treatment of genital warts.

Story: Definite signs of ‘transformation’ for the better within the community as given in the story below:

Sunita (name changed) was a lady who suffered from extensive Vitiligo (white patch disease) for many years and had lost hope of any change in her life. Vitiligo is one of those diseases which carry a social stigma, even in the present society. There are many theories regarding the etiology of Vitiligo in the community, the most prevalent one being that the skin turns white due to drinking milk (which is white) after eating fish. Hence she was forced to abstain from these simple pleasures for many years. Sunita decided to receive treatment from our hospital and within a period of 7-8mths, she found almost her entire body getting repigmented (as seen in the photographs), at an economic cost of Rs900 per month. When she was asked whether she is still afraid to take milk, she replied, “why should I not drink milk when I’m getting complete cure with your treatment. I have started drinking milk ever since I started treatment here. I will do anything that you advise since I have experienced the difference for myself”. As I look back, I thank God for these few, who have moved beyond the physical healing. However, much needs to be done in reversing this tide.

Before treatment a25 a26
After treatment..
and she has started drinking milk!. 

Department of Ultrasonology

Hospital continues to strive towards providing a service with reporting which is reliable, affordable and ensures quality focused on the community we serve.
We try to make the ultrasound experience beyond the generation of a report, with many ladies being able to share their burdens, share their fears and share their struggles at home while lying on the ultrasound bed where they are heard and counselled for.
The need for an ultrasound facility in our medical field has drastically increased over the past few years because of the common perception of it being a “wonder tool” for diagnosing any disease, patients often demand for it and sometimes it proves to be therapeutic as well! This has led to increasing numbers of general ultrasounds which we are seeing now.

The PC-PNDT Act that controls the performance of ultrasound in any centre and is very strictly implemented in our centre. Frequent raids by the government team to check for compliance has led to a lot of pressure to ensure that documentation, records and data entry has to be 100% accurate, real-time and complete.


Psychiatric Care:
The Department of Psychiatry was started in 2012 by Dr. Raja Paulraj. His key approach to common psychiatric conditions were based on the dynamics of Body-Mind-Soul and actively worked in involving spirituality as an integral part of therapy. Hospital would like to thank Dr. Raja for all his contributions towards the establishment of the department. In 2014, Dr. Raja Paulraj and his family moved to USA for his son’s treatment and Dr. Swetha joined the department in June 2014.

Patients suffering from anxiety and depression continue to be the majority of the patients seen in the Out Patient Department. There are a lot of attempted suicide cases which get admitted in the hospital every week who undergo counseling and follow up. Apart from that, patients coming for treatment are those with severe mental illness such as schizophrenia, mood disorders and other psychotic illness. We are also seeing a considerable number of patients with neuropsychiatric conditions neurodevelopmental disorders, sexual dysfunction , dementia, personality disorder and somatoform disorders.

Due to the lack of mental health services many patients travel long distances for treatment even from places like Bareilly Meerut, Saharanpur, parts of Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. The majority of the patients hail from poor and middle-class socio-economic background.

Services provided:

The different services provided by this Department apart from the Outpatient and In patient include:

Liaison services – There are a lot of referrals of patients with co morbid psychiatric conditions and those with medically unexplained symptoms from the other departments

De-addiction services – Alcohol use among other substance use is the most prevalent substance use disorder. The department provides de-addiction services to the patient right from detoxification, motivation enhancement therapy to relapse prevention

Post-suicide survivors’ intervention program – There has been a rising trend in the suicide rate in the last few years. Poisoning is the most common method attempts being predominantly of low intentionality and lethality. The focus of treatment is overcoming impulsivity, managing anger and hopelessness. Suicidal pacts are formed and phone help line services are offered for times of crisis. Proper follow-up is made for every attempted suicide patient

Child and adolescent services – Children and adolescents present with various different kinds of problems like early onset psychosis, depression, neuro developmental disorders.

Psychotherapy services: The different therapies provided here in this department are Marital therapy, Family therapy, Crisis intervention, CBT, Behavioural therapy, Grief therapy etc.


LCH Clinic – The department is involved in providing mental health services to Landour Community Hospital in Mussoorie and Burans Mental Health Project of EHA.

Shifa Clinic – The Department is also involved in reaching out to the poor and marginalized community of Sadoli Kadim Block in the Saharanpur district, Uttar Pradesh through its fortnightly clinic every month along with the Shifa Mental Health Project. Every clinic covers between 40-50 patients suffering from Mental Health Disorders and is a pioneering effort in this region

Capacity building – The department is also involved in equipping the teams of Shifa and Burans Project, Community Health Global Network- Uttarakhand and also local RMPs through different trainings.

Dental Care:
Dr Anu Mathew heads the Dental services and care. Apart from orthodontics and the treatment using implants most of the work we could manage in the clinic that include routine restorations, aesthetic fillings, extraction of teeth, replacement of missing teeth (Prosthodontics), root canal treatment (Endodontics), cleaning of teeth and supporting structures (Periodontics), minor oral surgery procedures etc. The nearest Dental College is 15 kms away so the cases which we cannot handle are referred there. Our treatment costs are quite affordable with minimum investigation which patients also appreciate. The fabrication of crowns and bridges are done by outsourcing it to Dental Technician based 70 kms away and thrice a week he visit to collect/deliver our work. The removable dentures are also being made by order.

Operation Theatre and Anaesthesia Department:
The Operation Theatre is one of the busy departments of the hospital, with three teams Orthopedics, General Surgery and Obstetrics operating daily. With the high number of trauma cases and a well established Orthopedic department, trauma and orthopedic surgery runs almost daily in a dedicated OT. In addition we also started endoscopic services in the theatre complex after Dr.Sonal Gardia underwent training in CMC Vellore for diagnostic endoscopy. We got a new lithotripter for urologic procedures too. By the posting of GNM nursing students, Theatre is being helped by getting more hands for assistance and viz a viz training them in assisting in surgeries.

Department of Physiotherapy
The Department is handled and managed by Mr. Paramjeet and his assistance Mr. Anup. The service is crucial not only for post surgery recovery and rehabilitation but also patient suffering from muscular and neurological stress and anxiety. For various conditions and ailments the therapy is given such as:
1. Orthopedic post operative patients
2. Surgical post operative patients
3. Neurological rehabilitation
4. Pre and post natal
5. Chest conditions
6. Pain management
7. Different orthopedic conditions
8. Pediatric rehabilitation


Our department is well equipped with modern facilities and equipments like Analgesic pulsar, Wax therapy machine, pulleys, shoulder wheel, Quadriceps table, weigh and laser therapy etc. As part of service weight reducing program is unique to regular visiting patients.