Herbertpur Christian Hospital is a 120 bedded hospital started in 1934 by a British Missionary doctor, Dr. Geoffrey Lehmann. Dr. Lehmann and his wife had the heart to reach out the medical services to the poor and marginalised people in this sub Himalayan range. They pioneered their work in a village called Herbertpur which was 40 km away from the nearest railway station (Dehradun). At that time there was not a single allopathic doctor in the vicinity of Herbertpur except for some Veds and Hakims who practiced their traditional healing arts.


The fame of the hospital grew within no time and people from different villages accessed the services of this hospital. Dr. Lehmann was concerned about the many patients with eye disease going untreated, so he qualified as an Ophthalmologist and began Eye Camps as well as the Eye program at the hospital. Dr. Lehmann was the only doctor in the hospital for most of the 40 years he was working here. On 1st July 1973, Herbertpur Hospital became an incorporated member  of the Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA) which is a chain of mission hospitals in the North and North-east part of the country. 


After 1973, the services provided by the hospital expanded under the able leadership of Dr. Symon Satow and Mr. Paul East. A separate Eye Block was inaugurated in the mid-eighties to cater to the increasing number of eye patients.  In 2004, the new OPD block was established and running. The hospital has always been involved actively with the communities around either by way of giving them health education or providing services in the villages.  Many pioneering initiatives in the region related to community health and development at the grass root level was started by HCH. Currently, there are four different projects running in the Community Health and Development Department (CHDP) of the hospital.

The hospital believes in training and imparting education to the further generation for better medical care of the patients. Apart from the different training programs running throughout the year, School of Nursing was started in the year 2013 providing GNM training to the students.


 1934  Beginning of HCH


1936-38  Lehmann Hospital established

1970  Community Health and Development Project (CHDP) started

1973  Lehmann Hospital became part of Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)

1984   Maternity ward, OT & Eye department built

1984  CHDP emphasised on Mother and Child care

1994-2001  Immunization project handed over to the Government

1999-2003   Lehmann Community Project started

        Library was built

2002   Anugrah Disability Project started

2004   New Out-Patient block opened

2004-2010   SHIFA – One Project started

2009 to Present   Targeted Intervention (TI)- HIV Project started

2009 – 2010   DIPECHO (Disaster Risk Reduction) Project started

2011  PEHEL Project started

2011   Lehmann Community College established

2011-13 HRIDAYA Project started

2012 to Present   SHIFA – Two Project (Mental Health & Disability Project) started

2012  Anugrah Orthotic & Carpentry Unit started

2013   School of Nursing established

2016   Renovation of Maternity Block

2016  Hostel built for Nursing students

2016   Nari Niketan- MOU signed with State Government



Establishing Lehmann Hospital



School of Nursing Established



Library Opened


Maternity Ward, OT & Eye department built










Hospital part of EHA



Renovation of Maternity Block



New Out-Patient block



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